Monday, October 14, 2013

Seven Days of Homeschool Seven: What?

           For the past 5 years we've been using My Fathers World for our home school curriculum. We really love how simple it is to use, very open and go. We also enjoy that it makes lessons easier for me as all my students 2nd - 8th grade are grouped together for History, Science, Art, Music, and Bible. The elements of Charlotte Mason that we find important are also included: short lessons, copy work, and great books. As well as the elements of Classical that we find important: care for the stages of learning (logic, rhetoric, ect), a 4 year history cycle (MFW included a 1 year geography making the program 5 year), latin/greek, and great books!  Cant say enough about My Fathers World. :)

History, Science, Music, Art and Bible (aka "Together Studies"):
This year we are journeying through Explorers to 1850 in our together studies.
Exploration to 1850 Deluxe Package Curriculum 

We have added a new student this year, Lily is doing My Fathers World Kindergarten this year.
And Jadon is using My Fathers World First Grade.

All of the children use Math U See for Math. We will be using Pre-Algebra, Epsilon, Gamma, Alpha and Primer this school year.

We use a workbook form of Primary Language Lessons for grades 2-3 and Intermediate Language Lessons for grades 4-6. In 7th grade My Fathers World recommends All in One English so that is what we chose for this year.

We use a program called Writing Strands, also recommended by My Fathers World. We start with book 2 in third grade and work our way through the series. Its a great program, mostly independent and fun. 

For handwriting we like  A Reason for Handwriting. Handwriting is not recommended by My Fathers World but we add it for practice. Natalie is not using any handwriting for the first time this year in 7th grade!

We are trying the Sequential Spelling DVD  this year for spelling.

We use the Book Basket list for readers as well as 1000 Good Books reading list, Sonlight Reading List and McGuffys Readers. I tend to do a hodge podge based on the children's needs at the time. Natalie is using  Progeny Press Study guides as well for her literature.

I hope you will continue to join me for this series: Seven Days of Homeschooling Seven. Where I will share:
-Who we are homschooling?
-What curriculum we are using?
-When do we homeschool?
-Why do we homeschool?
-Where do we homeschool?
-How we do we homeschool?
-Our favorite  homeschool helpers.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Seven Days of Homeschooling Seven: Who?

Most of our school years are well under way. The dust has settled, routines are becoming comfortable and some of the kinks are beginning to need some working out. This is the time of year that I begin to re-evaluate and look to other blogs and pintrest for inspiration to revive my homeschool year. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for a good old homeschooling series! Being that this blog is new I thought I'd introduce my school! We have seven children, five of which I am formally homeschooling.

Rainbow Dash
age 12
7th Grade
Favorite Subject: Reading and Art
Age 10
grade 5
Favorite Subject: Math and Science

Age 8
Grade 3
Favorite Subject: Handwriting

Super Man
Age 6
Grade 1
Favorite Subject:  Science

Pinky Pie
Age 4
Grade K
Favorite Subject: School!

Iron Man
Age 3

Age 1

Teacher and Principle

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Exploration to 1850 Weeks 3-12

I had every intention of adding to this blog weekly about our school adventures. The last 10 weeks have been a whirlwind....

We went to Pioneer Days and learned about Indians, the Civil War and life 100 years ago.

We had Holy Spirit Week with a Mustache Day..

 Lily and Jadon went to a Dairy Farm..
 We found the Perfect Spelling Curriculum..

We learned to work Independently a little bit more. :)

We started Kindergarten

We made apple pie, moon cake and had a restaurant. We also played colonial games in our yard.

We started a Preschool Binder.

We had our principle come to read us his favorite story!

We took some "class" photo's.

Whew! This year has been more of a challenge than I thought!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Gods Creation from A to Z Creation week 1

This little Cutie Pie started Kindergarten with us this year and she is so excited to be doing "Big School!".

 She absolutely loves to learn and cant wait to read "Junie B. Jones" to herself! The plan wasnt to start her this school year, but to use Rod and Staff preschool books till she turned five and her older brother Jadon finished first grade. But she just couldnt wait and I couldnt hold her back.

Mom is super excited about this school year as this is my third round through the K program but my first round with the new Teachers Manuel and STudent sheets! And they are in color! Wow! Im impressed!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

One on One time

The Husband and I were both only children (well he has older sisters but was raised mostly alone) and we had NO clue what it would take or what raising a large family would look like when we started this journey. We've learned lots a long the way and its been difficult at times. We have been Inspired to make some changes in our day to day that have really improved our relationship with our children.

One of the most important changes we've made in 2013 is the institution of quality one on one time with each of the kids. Sometimes its two on two if the need arises. You would be amazed at the words that flow freely from the quiet one in the family or the quiet that comes from the noisiest ones during these outings.

1. Make it a Grocery Date: Everyone has to go out and pick up groceries albeit once a month, every other week or a weekly excursion. Make it a habit to rotate the children and take one or two of them with you. Plan a few dollars for ice cream, a meal out or a special treat of some sort.

2. Have an errand Buddy: When Dad needs to pick up a part for the car or run a tool to a friend he needs to grab an errand buddy to rid along. Plan to take a few extra minutes and enjoy the drive or sit somewhere and chat. One of our sons has a weekly allergy shot, Dad takes that time to read stories and play cars while in the waiting room. Since this child is 2, it works sufficiently for his one on one time.

3. Schedule a Day in Your Calendar: Sometimes we just need to plan ahead and make a special fishing trip, shopping day or other activity just for that child. We budget that in and make it a priority.

4. Take advantage of those late night moments: Some of my children will come and ask all sorts of questions late at night when everyone is getting ready or in bed. We try to take advantage of that time to listen to their hearts instead of rushing them off to bed. Its hard to do with so many to get to sleep and we can  not do this every night for everyone, but take advantage every now and then of those late night cups of water and enjoy the conversation around the water "cooler".

5. Group Activities: There are somethings that are just better suited for the older crowd like amusement parks and movies and somethings that are better for the younger kids like Chuck E Cheese or  the McDonalds play land. So occasionally we separate by age and do age appropriate (or gender appropriate) things with them. These kinds of outings are not limited by two by two or one by one but can be the group of 4 littles or 5 boys, ect.

6. Write it down! In order to remember whose turn was last and whose turn is next we keep a list  on our calendar of the children's names and the date of their last one on one time. We are less likely to forget who goes next this way. :)

 I do not advocate ONLY doing activities one on one, but occasionally. Being in a large family means that often times children can get lost in the every day running of the family.  Sometimes in the day to day we see the family as a group instead of individuals. Taking one on one (or two on two) time with some of the children has been such a huge blessing for us all. So take a minute and create a DATE with your kids.

Next week I'll share some ideas on conversation starters and memory makers!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Explorers to 1850 Week 1-2

This year is an exciting year for us as we are in our first "repeat" year of My Fathers World. Explorers to 1850 repeats some of Adventures in US History with State Sheets and also the 2nd and 3rd grade package is a lot of the same texts from "ADV". Our first favorite activity was the World Cake!

Ya, it takes several shots to get a still one of our family! :)

Week 2 was a blur of sleepy mornings and adjusting to our new school schedule. Hoping to have more pics and videos of our school weeks during the year!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Vix the Mom


Welcome to VixtheMom! 

My name is Vicki, Im a homeschooling Mom of seven and wife to The Husband for nearly 14 years! I started blogging about 10 years ago, just writing down my thoughts and ideas and sharing my life. Overtime my thoughts became to personal to share via the web and my blog was not something I wanted the world to see. So I deleted that account and stopped writing all together. 

Over the last year I've really missed blogging and having a venue to express myself and grow in my writing hobby. I've grown over that time in my marriage, homeschooling, mothering and really began to know myself and who the Father created me to be. Its been an incredible journey!

In this blog you will find my thoughts on:
  • Balancing Ministry and Family
  • Homeschooling a large Family
  • Frugal Living with a Large Family
  • Maintaining a marriage
"May the Words of my Mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, Oh Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer."