Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The End of Summer

Our oldest also turned 14!!

 Our second oldest son turned 10!

Our family had a fabulous summer vacation! We visited friends in Indiana, spent loads of time at summer camp, had 2 birthdays and had a fabulous Vacation Bible School while hosting students from the Vision Tour from South Korea. 

Vixthemom leading Music at Bible school

Lily with her ship and bird friend backstage at the Korean Ballet performance

The Vision Tour was an amazing experience for my children. These sweet little Korean girls just loved their host families and possibly spent more time with the Host families than they do regularly with their own families. One of the mothers said she worked two years solid, 6 days a week, 12 hours a day! She was on her 1 year break and enjoying time with her little girls. The sweet little girls were so pleased to spend time with a Grandfather and Grandmother that would (or could) actually play with them.

 Korean Children at the Art Museum

Korean Children taught my 3yo to eat Spicy Ramyn Noodles with chopsticks

Jesus Birth

Christ's Ascension

While the Vision Tour was here they spent time viewing some of Kansas City's finest attractions. They were indulging in Cheese Burgers and Watermelon all rare foods in their country. Four of the Korean girls were baptized during our Sunday morning services. The biggest gift of all, for our family,  was their performance of Christs life through Ballet! This is where we got to learn our youngest daughters passion for dance!

Our church was sad to see them go. We loved those sweet little girls and the zest for life they brought to us. I can not wait to host them again!

The Grand Finale

And life is starting to look a little normal! We started high school this week!! More on that to come!

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