Monday, July 27, 2015

Buddy Camp

This week my 3 oldest children went off to Basket Ball Camp with their Dad. They were having a blast! My younger 4 all know the fun of camp and were not only missing Daddy and the "Big" kids they were jealous of the fun they were most likely having!

So Mommy got creative! When my older kids were little we spent a lot of time at the library, the zoo, science centers and going to McDonalds play lands. Now that they are all grown they prefer the movies, amusement parks, and trips to Sonic for milkshakes. The little ones dont get the same experiences, so I invinted Buddy Camp for them! We had many adventures during Buddy camp!

First we had to run some errands for the week. So I asked the kids what kind of food should I serve at Buddy Camp and of course they said french fries and corn dogs! So we picked those up at the store. We also visited the Dollar Store and they got to spend their "own" dollar on whatever they wanted! A valuable lesson was learned about gum, and it not being stored behind your ear! We also went to the library, picked out books and turned in our Summer Reading Program charts and got our coupons for Pizza Hut! It was then that I formulated the plan for the next few days!

The next day we went to a Farmstead with a petting zoo, old schoolhouse, Indian homes, and nature walk. Then we took our Summer Reading program coupons to Pizza Hut for dinner.

Visiting an old school house

Listening to stories about the invention of the safe for Banks.

 Listening to a black smith explain his trade.

On day three we were able to meet with Daddy for lunch at a McDonalds and we went to a local Hallmark museum and hands on art center. After that we went to another fairy tale display. I didnt get many pictures of this one as we were in a big city and I was a little nervous keeping track of everyone. We came home that evening and had a simple dinner and watched a movie.

On the last day of Buddy Camp we went to the city pool with some good friends. I didnt get many pictures of that either! Having 4 kids, 8 and under is hard work! We came home and had those Corn Dogs and French Fries for dinner with Bomb Pops for dessert!

I had so much fun making memories with these little people that I have decided to have a Buddy Camp every year for the ones who are left behind on camp week. :)

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