Saturday, July 25, 2015

2015-2016 5th Grade Curriculum Choices

For my 5th grader in preparation for middle school I choose to allow more independent learning and accountability. He will begin to grade his own math homework, and have several other independent assignments. I will be monitoring him heavily. He will also be keeping up with his work in his own student assignment book. This independence allows me to work with my younger 4 children in the early part of our schedule and check back with him periodically.

Workdrawer #1: Morning Work

  1. Student assignment book
  2. A Reason for Handwriting T
Workdrawer #2: English
  1. Spelling Power Student Record book
  2. Intermediate Language Lessons Part 2
  3. Just Write book 1, maybe on to book 2 later in the year.
  4. He will complete a 5 paragraph essay project this year as well.
Workdrawer #3: Math
  1. Saxon Math 65 with Dive CD
Workdrawer #4: Reading
  1. Progeny Press Study Guides for Upper Elementary (I will choose 2)
  2. Any book basket books that seem appropriate 
Workdrawer #5: My Fathers World
  1. Weekly My Fathers World notebooking pages
  2. World Geography Workbook 
  3. Properties of Eco Systems (we will do this together with out the younger ones)
  4. Any applicable assignments to our cycle year.

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